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Oklahoma City Chapter of the American Sewing Guild

Advancing Sewing as an art and life skill

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2019/2020 Programs
2nd Thursday of each month
Will Rogers Garden Exhibition Center

3400 NW 36th St # 3500, 73112 Oklahoma City OK

October 10, 2019—*brown bag-- Working on heart bags for OU Children’s Hospital—bring scissors.

November 14, 2019—elections/we will work on our service project,  the heart bags for Leah's Baskets (for OU Children’s hospital)  We are in need of cotton woven (quilting cotton) fabric to make 200 bags-- 1 yard will make 2 heart bags-- Any youth theme, florals, valentines theme, etc. will work.

December 12, 2019—Annual Holiday dinner
January 9, 2020—Dolly Dearner will share info on Hemp Fabric
February 13, 2020—Valentine's party/ brown bag project
March 12, 2020—Clair Kennedy-- video
April 4, 2020—mini retreat/ fabric swap   9 am-4 pm
April 9, 2020—Sewing Machine Information by Phil Carlton (free Lance instructor) and Don Lusk (from Pfaff)
May 14, 2020—*brown bag
May 15-17, 2020—OKCASG Annual Sewing Retreat
June 11, 2020—ASG Simplicity Pattern Challenge contest
July 9, 2020—OPEN
July 9-12, 2020—Annual ASG Conference San Antonio, TX
Aug 13, 2020—*brown bag-- cut out heart bags
Aug 15, 2020—mini retreat  9 am- 4 pm
Sept 10, 2020—Fabric Swap Challenge
Oct 8, 2020—*brown bag-- cut out heart bags if needed
Nov 12, 2020—elections/  sew  service project
Dec 10, 2020—Annual Holiday dinner

*Brown bag dinner meeting is where we each bring our own dinner and work on a sewing or craft project together.  Time to visit and get to know other members.